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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

(Philippians 4:13)

By trying to keep our options open and never committing to one thing, we actually miss out on all things. We do many things poorly instead of throwing ourselves into one thing and doing it well. We can have twenty tabs open in our internet browser yet not be attentive to any of them. We think we can master the skill of looking at a mobile phone, laptop, drinking coffee, studying and listen to a friend all at the same time, but the truth is we fail miserably at being attentive to any one thing. Many of us think that we are great at multitasking, but the reality is, we are not doing any one thing very well at all.

Whenever we decide on something, we are cutting off the other possible options. If we are meant to live life deeply then we must start by examining what is on the table and what is unnecessary, we must learn that not everything is good and that sometimes the good is the enemy of the great. While you might be able to do almost anything you simply cannot do everything, you simply cannot “do it all”. But do not be disheartened by this, it is OK, because in committing to one or two things you can and will find a great freedom which brings happiness and peace of mind.

“Search your feelings”. Our emotions, reactions, decisions, and indecisions usually have an underlying current to them that we are either unaware of or afraid to face. To grow in spiritual maturity and be able to discern the road ahead requires that we slow down and sift through what is going on beneath the surface. We will never know if we are heading in the right direction unless we search out where the Lord is moving. Take comfort in the words of Christ, who counsels us to seek and knock, for he will be with us in the searching.


  • What am I seeking?

  • What is weighing on my mind and heart?

  • What matters most to me?

By Sister Frances Kelly

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