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The ‘CALL’ comes first

God, who calls us before we are formed in our mother’s womb,
chooses us and sends us
so that we in turn might make disciples of all nations.

The importance of vocation is often underestimated in our society today, especially in our culture of
self-determination and choice. For a Christian, however, God initiates the relationship. Before anything else, the invitation of God to be in relationship with him takes first place. Then, from that filial relationship in Jesus Christ, we are sent. These are two essential characteristics of who we are.
The work of Vocations promotion builds upon these two characteristics. We help people hear God’s Call and from there, help them discern where that Call is sending them. We are called as disciples of Jesus Son of God, and moved by the Holy Spirit, to be husbands, wives, parents, friends, ordained ministers and consecrated brothers and sisters. From this foundation, we are sent out to bear fruit.

The National Vocation Framework

The National Vocation Framework is the guiding document for the work of the National Office for Vocation, approved by the Bishops of England and Wales. The framework sets out our aims and objectives for a three year period, and will be reviewd and modified after evaluation after that time.

You can download the Framework here:

NVF Leaflet

NVF Full

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