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In the years 2024 and 2025, the Universal Church directs its attention to the Jubilee- a year of favour[1]. It is surely right that as an office of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, the National Office for Vocation (NOV) should direct its energies to respond to the great gift of renewal and hope expressed in the preparation and celebration of such a significant time of grace. For this reason, Pilgrims of Hope will be the driving inspiration for planning for the next two years.


[1] C.f. Isaiah 61

The National Vocation Framework

The National Vocation Framework is the guiding document for the work of the National Office for Vocation, approved by the Bishops of England and Wales. The framework sets out our aims and objectives for a three year period, and will be reviewd and modified after evaluation after that time.

You can download the Framework here:

NVF 2019 Leaflet

NVF 2024-25 Full

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