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Who are you called to bring Jesus to?

The time of preparation is here! Advent has arrived! Advent is this special time, every year in the Churches calendar, which offers us time to step back to take time to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. Imagine waking up Christmas morning without preparing for the day, no plans, no food, no gifts and then the family arrive. You would very unlikely allow this to happen, however, we often do allow this to happen when it comes to our spiritual preparation and our relationship with God. Advent draws us closer to look at our own lives and ready our hearts, it can be through prayer, reflection, forgiveness and reaching out to people who need our help. How then do we bring Jesus to others. This Advent ‘Who are you called to bring Jesus to?

Advent Catechesis

This Advent we have put together a resource that was taken from the World Youth Day theme 'Mary arose and went with haste' (Lk 1:39), where Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth. This message now carries further as we ourselves prepare for Advent and ponder on the question, Who are we 'called' to bring Jesus to? Just like Mary when she visited Elizabeth, we to can carry Jesus with us to our family members, our friends and those in our communities, bringing Jesus to each of them. 

The Advent Catechesis can be downloaded free and is designed to be used either for personal reflection or in groups throughout Advent. Even if you didn't go on pilgrimage this year, the reflections and questions can help shape prayer and give you time to reflect throughout the Advent Season. 

Advent Catechesis 2023.png

Christmas Catechesis
Called to the Crib

Advent Video Reflections

Over the last 3 years a number of Advent videos have been created, with different testimonies and reflections, that help us focus throughout this season. Visit our YouTube Channel to see all the reflections. 

Advent 2020

Advent 2020
Reflecting on Vocation in Advent


Advent 2021
Keeping Christ in Christmas

As the Light Grows.png

Advent 2022
As The Light Grows

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