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Advent 2022

As The Light Grows

Advent is a good time for us to stop and listen to hear how God is speaking with each of us. The question we will be exploring is, ‘what are we called to do to prepare for the coming of the Lord'?


Each message will focus on each of the Advent Candles (Hope, Peace, Joy, Love & Christ) and the Gospel message of the week. The video reflections will focus on six different people living different states of life and working in different roles within the Church.


Week 1: Jade - Director of Youth 2000

Week 2: Kimberly - School Chaplain

Week 3: Liam - Permanent Deacon

Week 4: Religious of Mary Immaculate Sisters

Christmas Day: Fr Philip - Parish Priest Middlesbrough Diocese

The Holy Family: Aba - Diocesan Marriage & Family Life Coordinator


You can follow the series each week through our social media channels and the website.


Instagram: @nationalofficeforvocation

Facebook: @UKVocations

Twitter: @UKVocation

YouTube: @UKVocation


First Week of Advent
Jade - Director of Youth 2000

Second Week of Advent

Kimberley - Lay School Chaplain

Third Week of Advent
Deacon Liam - Permanent Deacon

Fourth Week of Advent
Religious of Mary Immaculate

Christmas Day
Fr Philip

The Holy Family

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