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God Calls everybody,

but in our youth, the opportunities are endless

'May he help everyone, especially young people who are discerning, to make God’s dreams for them come true. May he inspire in them the courage to say “yes” to the Lord who always surprises and never disappoints.'

Welcome to our Youth Page!


Here you will find useful information such as links to find your Chaplaincy at University and other youth organisations we work with to support you in your faith journey and your own discernment. We will also update resources to use in school, assemblies, and videos.  Feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have and we will be sure to assist and guide you.

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Vocation Prayer for young people:


Dear Lord,

We ask you to bless each and every young person,

We give thanks for their gifts and talents.

We pray that they can hear Your call,

to serve as husbands and wives, priests,

religious sisters and brothers,

friends and local hero’s.

May we support one another in response to God’s call.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Useful sites for young people:


These are a select few sites, for events, links and support in your own Diocese please contact your Diocesan Youth Service. This can be found at your Diocese website.



Find your Catholic Chaplaincy:


YouCan: Young Adult Catholic Network for 18-35yrs:


Youth 2000:





Association of Catholic Chaplains in Education: 

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