Female Apostolic Orders

Adoratrices      www.adoratrices.com

Bridgettines (Order of the Most Holy Saviour of St Bridget)      www.bridgettine.org

Brigidines (Congregation of St Brigid)     www.brigidine.org.au

Canonesses of St Augustine        www.boarbankhall.org.uk

Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre         www.canonesses.co.uk

Canossian Daughters of Charity      www.canossian.org

Carmelite Missionaries       www.carmelitasmisioneras.org

Carmelites Sisters of Corpus Christi        www.corpuschristicarmelites.org

Cenacle Sisters (Our Lady of the Cenacle)        www.cenaclesisters.co.uk

Comboni Missionary Sisters          www.comboniane.org/en

Congregation of Jesus       www.congregationofjesus.org.uk

Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity       www.ourladyoffidelity.org.uk

Congregation of Our Lady of Sion          www.notredamedesion.org

Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions         www.rndm.org

Congregation of The Dominican Sisters of Newcastle Natal        www.dominicansisters.co.uk

Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul       www.daughtersofcharity.org.uk

Daughters of Divine Charity         http://fdc-sisters.org.uk/

Daughters of Divine Love    www.ddlenglishregion.org

Daughters of Jesus    www.fillesdejesus.org

Daughters of Mary and Joseph     www.daughtersofmaryandjoseph.org

Daughters of St Paul             www.paulineuk.org/daughters-of-st-paul

Daughters of the Cross of Liège        www.daughtersofthecross.org.uk

Daughters of the Heart of Mary     www.dhmary.com

Daughters of the Holy Spirit          www.fillesstesprit.org/site/english/001.html

Daughters of Wisdom         www.daughtersofwisdom.org.uk

Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus      www.dominicanmissionarysisters.org

Dominican Sisters of St Joseph    www.dominicansisters.net

Dominican Sisters of the English Congregation        www.stonedominicans.org

Faithful Companions of Jesus      www.fcjsisters.org

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary     www.fmmii.org

Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood      http://fmdminternational.co.uk/

Franciscan Missionaries Sisters of St Joseph      www.fmsj.co.uk

Franciscan Sisters Minoress         www.franciscansm.org

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception        www.dioceseofbrentwood.net/parish/braintree/

Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal          www.franciscansisterscfr.com

Franciscans of St Mary of the Angels      www.fsmamhow.com

Francsican Missionary Sisters of Littlehampton            www.franciscan.co.uk

Grace and Compassion Benedictines        www.graceandcompassionbenedictines.org.uk

Handmaids of Mary, Ministers to the Sick    http://handmaidsofmary.org.uk/

Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus        www.hhcjsisters.org

Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus           http://aciengland.org/

Helpers of the Holy Souls   www.societyofhelpersgb.org

Holy Family of Bordeaux       www.holyfamilybordeaux.org

Holy Family Sisters (St Emilie)       www.holyfamilysisters.org.uk

Holy Family Sisters of the Needy       https://en-gb.facebook.com/pg/The-Holy-Family-Sisters-of-the-Needy

Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of Christ         www.ihmmcsisters.org

Infant Jesus Sisters    www.infantjesussisters.org

Insitute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters)       www.ibvm.org.uk

Institute of Our Lady of Mercy        www.ourladyofmercy.org.uk

Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto)     http://ibvm.org.uk/

Little Company of Mary       www.lcmsisters.org

Little Sisters of Jesus          www.jesuscaritas.info/jcd/lsj

Little Sisters of the Assumption     www.littlesisters.org

Little Sisters of the Poor      www.littlesistersofthepoor.co.uk

Marist Sisters            www.marists.net

Medical Mission Sisters       www.medicalmissionsisters-uk.org

Medical Missionaries of Mary        www.mmmworldwide.org

Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters)          www.msolafrica.org

Missionary Sisters of St Columban          www.columbansisters.org

Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver       www.claveriansisters.org.uk

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary     www.holyrosarymissionarysisters.org

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate      www.mdipime.org

Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit   www.worldssps.org

Oblates of the Assumption             www.assumptionoblatesisters.org.uk

Order of the Company of Mary Our Lady     www.lestonnac-odn.org/en

Pallotine Missionary Sisters          www.pallottinesisters.org

Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ      www.poorhandmaidsofjesuschrist.org.uk

Poor Servants of the Mother of God         http://www.poorservants.org/

Presentation Sisters (Union)         http://www.pbvm.org

Religious of the Assumption         www.assumptionreligious.org

Religious of Mary Immaculate    www.religiosasmariainmaculada.org/en/

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (Beziers)            www.rshm-nep.org

Religious Sisters of Charity           www.rsccaritas.ie

Salesian Sisters – Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians         www.salesians.org.uk

School Sisters Notre Dame            www.gerhardinger.org     www.ssnd.org

Servite Sisters (Servants of Mary)      www.servitesistersinternational.org

Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus          www.sistershospitallers.org

Sisters of Bon Secours de Paris       www.bonsecours.org

Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Evron       www.soeurs-charite-evron.com

Sisters of Charity of St Jeanne Antide     www.suoredellacarita.org

Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle     www.sellypark.org

Sisters of La Retraite      www.laretraite.ws

Sisters of Mercy        www.mercyworld.org

Sisters of Nazareth      www.sistersofnazareth.com

Sisters of Nazareth       www.sistersofnazareth.com

Sisters of Notre Dame (de Namur)          www.snduk.org

Sisters of Providence of Ruille-sur-Loir     www.providenceruillesurloir.com/english

Sisters of St Andrew                   www.saint-andre.be/en

Sisters of St Clare     www.sistersofstclare.ie

Sisters of St John of God   www.ssjg.org

Sisters of St Joseph            www.csjoseph.org

Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy    www.ssjavocations.org

Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny        www.sjc.ie

Sisters of St Joseph of Lyon        www.stjosephlyon.org

Sisters of St Joseph of Peace       www.csjp.org

Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition      www.stjoseph-apparition.org.au/index.html

Sisters of St Louis       www.stlouissisters.org

Sisters of St Mary of Namur           http://ssmnwestern.com/

Sisters of St Paul of Chartres        www.stpaulrome.com

Sisters of the Christian Retreat     www.christian-retreat.org

Sisters of the Cross and Passion      http://crossandpassion.com/

Sisters of the Holy Cross      www.holycrossengland.org.uk

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth    www.nazarethfamily.org

Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary            www.sacredheartsjm.org

Society of Sisters of Marie Reparatrice       www.smr.org

Society of the Holy Child Jesus       www.shcj.org

Society of the Sacred Heart    www.rscjuk.org

Ursulines (Roman Union of The Order of St Ursula)    www.ursulines.co.uk

Ursulines of Jesus      www.ursulinesjesus.org

Ursulines, Union of Irish       www.ursulines.ie