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Dress Up as your Favourite Saint

Planning for All Saints Day?

The eve before this great feast or even on the day itself, why not encourage your children to dress up as their favourite saint? The saints are holy witnesses of faith that we can look up to as we are all called to holiness through our baptismal vocation.

Some ideas which we recommend:

  • In your classes for the day if you are a teacher or chaplain.

  • Celebrate the feast with a family meal.

  • Go to Mass dressed as a saint, remember All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation.

  • Get together with other families to celebrate all those who have gone before us to heaven.

  • Ask the saints to intercede and pray for you.

  • Read about the saints lives especially if your child has chosen to dress as one.

  • Choose a new patron saint for the year.

Check next week for further ideas as we focus on the saints and their path to holiness.

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