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Day 8 – 8th January: Saint Anthony of Padua

St Anthony of Padua 1193-1231

Franciscan Friar and Priest

St Anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal into a wealthy family. He first became an Augustinian monk; however, he was drawn to the Franciscans after seeing a number martyred in Morocco for spreading the Faith. He joined the Franciscans so that he was able to preach the Gospel there to. He became ill and was set to return to Portugal until the ship became caught in a storm and he landed in Sicily, Italy. He took part in the General Chapter of the Franciscans in Assisi (1221) where he met St Francis of Assisi. His preaching took him all over France and Italy, where he remained in Padua, devoted to preaching and hearing confessions of the people. He is known as the Patron Saint of lost things.

Prayer – St Anthony of Padua

Dear Lord, as we reflect on

St Anthony of Padua,

we pray in thanksgiving for his mission,

here on earth as a Franciscan Friar and Priest.

Let us learn from his examples of,

of grace and repentance and be drawn

in this time to be closer to You

by turning away from our sins,

and proclaiming the Gospel message.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


St Anthony of Padua. Pray for us.

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