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Day 78 – 19th March: St Joseph

Little is known about St Joseph except what is contained in the Gospels. He openly accepted God’s will and supported Mary by becoming her husband and the father of Jesus. St Joseph was a carpenter and is the patron saint of fathers, bursars, procurators, and manual workers. Pope Francis in 2021 declared this a year dedicated to St Joseph.

Prayer St Joseph

Blessed St Joseph,

You listened in the depth of your heart to the call of God for you

to participate in his plan for the salvation of the world,

you responded with faith to that invitation.

Help me listen for the call of God in my life,

help me understand what the Holy Spirit is asking of me,

and help me be open to follow that invitation,

with courage and a trusting heart.

May your fatherly hand guide me and keep me safe.

Through Christ our Lord.


St Joseph. Pray for us.

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