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Day 77 – 18th March: St Cecilia

It is said that St Cecilia sang to God during her wedding - and that is why she is the patron saint of musicians. Although we know little factually about St Cecilia, she was one of the most famous martyrs, dying in about 230 AD, alongside her husband Valerian. He was a pagan who Cecilia's parents had forced her to marry against her will. She refused to consummate the marriage. A legend is associated with St Cecilia's death: that she lived for three days after being struck on the neck three times with a sword and that she asked the Pope to turn her home into a Church.

Prayer St Cecilia

Lord, we thank you

that we are able to live our faith in freedom.

We pray for those who suffer and

are persecuted for their belief in You.

With the intercession of

St. Cecilia we ask for the same courage,

to live out our faith with integrity, perseverance and humility,

and the boldness to share our faith

with those around us.


St. Cecilia, pray for us.

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