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Day 71 – 12th March: St Martin de Porres

Born in Lima, in Peru he lived in poverty until his father acknowledged him. At 12, he became an apprentice barber, later entering a Dominican monastery as a lay brother. He accepted the most menial tasks. When his monastery fell into debt, he offered to sell himself as a slave. The prior refused. Martin was known for his healing touch, his knowledge of herbal medicine, and a love of social justice. He set up an orphanage and school for the poor and is often pictured with mice. The monastery planned to kill them, so Martin spoke to the mice, offering to feed them if they left. Hundreds of Peruvians attending Martin's funeral in 1639 vied for pieces of his habit to take home as relics.

Pray St Martin de Porres.

Dear Lord,

we pray today for the gift of humility,

may we like St Martin de Porres,

open our hearts to every person,

who requires help and assistance.

During this Lenten season,

we offer our own gifts and talents,

which maybe of help to those in need.

We make this prayer, through Christ, your Son, our Lord.


St Martin de Porres. Pray for us.

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