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Day 63 – 4th March: St Juan Diego (1474-1548) Feast Day 9th December

Juan Diego was born in Mexico who in 1531 saw Our Lady. Born a poor Aztec named Speaking Eagle, he was baptised Juan Diego by a Franciscan. A married man, his character was reserved: he spent long periods in silence. One day, Juan heard heavenly singing from the top of a hill, and then a woman softly calling his name.

Speaking in his native tongue, she said she was the Virgin Mary. Juan told a Bishop who asked him for a sign the vision was genuine. Our Lady of Guadalupe said Juan would find roses blooming in winter. He placed them in his tilma, or cloak and returned to the Bishop. As the roses tumbled out, a picture of Our Lady exactly as she had appeared to Juan Diego, appeared imprinted on the tilma. You can see this image today in Mexico City. Nearly 500 years old, it has survived earthquakes, and even being shot at.

Prayer St Juan Diego

Dear Lord, as we reflect on Saint Juan,

we give thanks for his influence on the Church

and his vocation to holiness.

We pray that we too can live by his example

of humility so that we can help all in need.

We ask this through Christ, Your Son, Our Lord.


St Juan Diego. Pray for us.

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