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Day 60 - 1st March: St David (520-589) Monk and Bishop.

St David was an abbot and a bishop, who founded a number of monasteries. His monastery was in the Diocese of Menivia and was known for extreme asceticism. St David was invited to preside at the Synod of Brevi, he preached so well that he was then made into an Archbishop. His relics have been found hidden in the fabric of St David’s Cathedral. He is the Patron Saint of Wales.

Prayer St David

Almighty God,

As we celebrate St

David’s day today

we give thanks for the Church in Wales.

We contemplate on St David’s

work as a Bishop and his passion for

spreading the Gospel to all.

Let us learn from his passion for leadership

that he showed throughout his life.

We ask this through Christ your Son, our Lord.


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