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Day 59 – 28th February: St Oswald (d.992)

St Oswald received his formation as a Benedictine Monk in France. He became the Bishop of Worcester in 961. Working with both St Dunstan and St Ethelwold, they all revived monastic life in Anglo Saxon England. He was always drawn to working with the poor; he was well known for washing the feet of 12 poor men every single day throughout Lent. He also became the Archbishop of York in 961, and he died at Worcester in 992.

Prayer: St Oswald

May we, like St Oswald and

the monks of his day,

be like lamps lit burning

with desire to serve Christ,

Our Lord through lives served

in praise of God

& service of the poor.

May Saints Oswald, Dunstan & Ethelwold

intercede for our Church in

England & Wales today.


St Oswald… Pray for us.

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