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Day 54 – 23rd February: St Polycarp (d.155)

St Polycarp was a bishop and disciple of the Apostles. Polycarp was a good friend of St Ignatius of Antioch. He is known for his early writings on the Christian Faith and for his discussion with Pope Anicetus on a uniformed date for Easter, which neither of them could agree on. St Polycarp was martyred by being burnt to death in a stadium in 155.

Prayer: St Polycarp

Dear Lord, as we reflect on Saint Polycarp,

whose feast day it is today,

we give thanks for his influence on the Church.

Give us the courage each and every day to

proudly profess our faith, especially if we face

persecution, like your servant Polycarp.

We ask this through Christ, Your Son, Our Lord.


St Polycarp. Pray for us.

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