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Day 5 - 5th January: St Margaret of Scotland

St Margaret of Scotland (1046-1093)

St Margaret of Scotland was born to an Anglo Saxon father and a Hungarian mother, in Hungry where they were exiled during the rule of the Danish kings in England. They then returned to England, but when William of Normandy invaded England, Margaret took refuge with King Malcolm III of Scotland. It was with him she fell in love, married and they had 8 children. As a queen she was a great influence for the cause of religion and piety. She had a great devotion to prayer and the poor. She died in Edinburgh in 1093.

Prayer St Margaret of Scotland

Almighty God,

We give thanks for St Margaret of Scotland,

an advocate for marriage and family life.

Through her intercession we ask of you to

guide those discerning marriage and

for couples who are married,

that they can grow in love and service together.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


St Margaret of Scotland. Pray for us.

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