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Day 49 – 18th February: St Stephen of Hungary (975-1038)

Stephen was the son of the Magyar Duke Géza of Hungary. When the Duke married Adelaide, sister of the catholic Duke of Poland, he and many nobles converted to Christianity. Nobody took this seriously, except for the 10 year old Stephen. At 20 he married Giselle, sister of St. Henry II, the future Emperor of the Holy Roman-German Empire. Together they all worked tirelessly spreading the Catholic Faith. In 997, Stephen became the fourth Duke of the Magyars. He fought against those who wished to crush the Catholicism in Hungary. He died on 15 August 1038 and was Canonised by Pope Gregory VII in 1083.

Prayer – St Stephen

Almighty God,

We thank you for the influence of

St Stephen’s life and the work

he carried out for the Church in Hungry.

Let us feel encouraged by him when we ourselves

are persecuted for what we believe.

We make this prayer through Christ,

Your Son, Our Lord.


St Stephen of Hungry. Pray for us.

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