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Day 48 – 17th February: St Mary Mackillop (Mary of the Cross) (1842-1909)

St Mary was born in Melbourne, and she is known as Australia’s first Saint. She worked as a governess and a teacher in order to support her own family. She opened the first Catholic free school in Australia, St Joseph’s, in 1866, and from there she went to set up many other schools and charitable organisations that continue to run even today. At the age of 24 she dedicated her life to God and became a religious sister, and she was known as Mary of the Cross. She was one of the foundresses of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Prayer: St Mary Mackillop

Almighty God,

we give thanks for the life of

St Mary Mackillop and her dedication

to education and mission of the Church in Australia.

We pray that we too can be inspired

by her generosity to others and give our time

to help and support those in need around us.

We ask this through Christ your Son, Our Lord.


St Mary Mackillop. Pray for us.

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