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Day 46 – 15th February: Saint Winifred (7th Century) Welsh Virgin. Feast Day 3rd November.

St Winifred was a Welsh virgin of the 6th or 7th Century who lived near Holywell in Clwyd. She was beheaded by a prince after she refused advances from him and springs of water appeared where her head struck the ground. Apparently her uncle St Bueno brought her back to life and she lived out the rest of her life as a nun. Her remains were kept at Shrewsbury, although the spring at Holywell remains a site of pilgrimage to the present day.

Prayer: St Winifred

Lord you have gathered us together today

in your name.

We have brought alive through

prayer the life of your beloved Virgin,

St. Winifred,

a woman of faith and love.

We ask St Winifred

to intercede for us as we continue

the journey of life.

We pray that she may send love into our hearts, that our lives be changed by the power of your spirit, to do good works here on earth.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.


St Winifred. Pray for us.

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