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Day 4 - 4th January: St Kinga of Poland

St Kinga of Poland 1234 – 1292

Kinga was born on 5 March 1234 in Esztergom, Hungary, daughter of Bela IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina. She was the wife of Bolesław V, King of Poland. Early on in her life, she had taken a vow of Chasity and persuaded her husband to do the same, thus earning him the title of Bolesław the Chaste. She brought great wealth to Poland and supported the building of many churches, hospitals and monasteries. After her husband died, she sold all her possessions and assisted the poor, living the rest of her life as a Clares nun in a monastery in Stary Sącz that she had set up. She is credited with the discovery of a salt mine in Poland, Wieliczka and for defending the poor against the Tartar raids. She died on 24 July 1292. She was beatified by Pope Alexander VIII on 11 June 1690 and Canonised on 16 June 1999 by Pope John Paul II.

Prayer – St Kinga

Saint Kinga, help us to see the poor and needy

and in them the presence of our Lord Jesus.

Help us to be like you

and share our material wealth with those who need it most.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord,


Saint Kinga of Poland. Pray for us.

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