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Day 36 – 5th February: St Agatha (231-251)

St Agatha was born in 231 in Sicily; she was known for her beauty and dedicated her life to God. she was a Consecrated Virgin. Quintianus, who was of high diplomatic ranking, tried to force her to turn away from her vow and to marry, however, she refused. He tortured her many times, imprisoned her and that’s where she was known to have died.

Prayer: St Agatha

Almighty God,

we give thanks for the life of

St Agatha and are moved by

her bravery to stand up for the faith.

We pray that we too can be inspired,

by her mission to become disciples of our time.

We pray for all Consecrated Virgins and those

discerning this call to live out the virtues

that St Agatha lived.

We ask this through Christ your Son, Our Lord.


St Agatha. Pray for us.

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