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Day 16 – 16th January: St James the Less (1st Century)

St James the Less was an Apostle, often called the first Bishop of Jerusalem and was identified as the Son of Alphaeus of Cleophas. It is said that his mother was a close relative to Mary the Mother of God. St Paul also tells us that he was a witness to the resurrection of Christ. He is also identified as the author of the Epistle of St James. He is known as the Patron Saint of Hat makers.

Prayer St James the Less.

Dear Lord,

We give thanks for giving us St James the Less, Your Apostle,

who is an example of holiness.

You were called to be a part of Christ’s mission,

and, although we have no great detail about you,

we know that you were close to Christ Himself.

God give us the strength to live out mission here on earth,

so that we too strive to become Saints.

We ask this through Christ, Your Son, Our Lord.


St James the Less. Pray for us.

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