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Day 11 – 11th January: St Monica (332-387)

St Monica was born in Algeria and was married at a young age. She was the mother of St Augustine of Hippo who lived a questionable life in his youth. St Monica prayed for Augustine’s conversion, and this happened when he met St Ambrose, who helped him with a deep moral conversion. St Monica is known to be the Patron Saints of mothers and wives being a model to them all. She died in 387 on a trip back to Africa.

Prayer: St Monica

Dear Lord,

As we contemplate on St Monica

we give thanks to all our mothers,

for the care and love they show,

and their generous hearts that open to us time and time again.

May we be inspired by each of them,

and learn from them daily keeping them always close to our hearts.

We thank you Lord for this

vocation of Motherhood.

And the beauty that it brings.


St Monica. Pray for us.

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