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Day 98 – 8th April: Saint John Fisher (1469-1535)

Saint John Fisher was born in Beverley, Yorkshire. He studied Theology at the University of Cambridge and became Bishop of Rochester. John Fisher supported King Henry the VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon and was imprisoned for this. It was upon King Henry VIII’s divorce to Catherine of Aragon, marriage to Anne Boleyn and declaring himself Head of the Church in England, that John Fisher refused to approve. John Fisher on the 22nd June was executed after refusing to accept the Kings supremacy and this was a month after the Pope elected him as Cardinal.

Dear Lord, as we reflect upon the life of

St John Fisher, we give thanks for the life

he gave for the Church.

Give us the courage to stand up

for our Faith at all times.

We give thanks for the freedom

to share and express our Faith to others;

may we like St John Fisher always stand

true to what we believe in.

We make this prayer through Christ, your Son, our Lord.


St John Fisher. Prayer for us.

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