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Day 76 – 17th March: St Patrick (5th Century)

St Patrick was born in Britain near the end of the 4th century and died in Ireland in around the mid-5th century. He was captured as a slave in his youth and sent to Ireland, to look after herds. He escaped after a dream told him he would return to his home country. After returning to his family, he became a priest and went back to Ireland where he then served as a bishop. He was a keen evangelist, and he is known as the Patron Saint of Ireland, we celebrate his feast day today.

Prayer St Patrick

Dear Lord, as we reflect on St Patrick,

we pray for the people and the Church in Ireland,

and we give thanks for St Patrick’s mission of evangelisation.

We pray for all our Bishops and those called

to be bishops within our church,

that they are led and guided by the spirit

within their work in order to lead those within their Diocese.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


St Patrick. Pray for us.

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