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Day 22 – 22nd January: St Vincent of Saragossa (d.304)

St Vincent of Saragossa was a Deacon and a martyr who was born in Huesca in Spain. When he became Deacon he served Valerius who was the Bishop of Saragossa. Valerius was killed, however St Vincent was tortured and was burnt on gridiron and thrown back into prison where then died of his injuries.

Prayer: St Vincent

Almighty God, as we reflect on

St Vincent,

we pray in thanksgiving for his mission

here on earth as a Deacon.

We look upon his bravery shown,

when he was killed for being

Your servant and staying true to the Faith.

We give thanks for all those who protect our faith,

even at the time of persecution.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


St Vincent of Saragossa. Pray for us.

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