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Day 17 – 17th January: St Anthony of Egypt (251-356)

St Anthony of Egypt is said to be the founder of monastic life. His story tells us that when he was in his twenties he heard the words of the Gospel, felt God’s call and sold all his possessions giving them to the poor. He lived in solitude, devoting his time to prayer, meditation and manual work, he did experience many temptations, but he overcame them all. He died in the year 356 and lived to be over one hundred years old.

Prayer St Anthony of Egypt.

Almighty God,

as we reflect on St Anthony

we give thanks for his work as

an Abbott and for his influence on

monastic life throughout the world.

We continue to pray for an increase

in vocations to the Religious Life and

ask for the intercession of St Anthony,

for those discerning this state of life.

We make this prayer through Christ, Your Son, Our Lord.


St Anthony of Egypt. Pray for us.

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