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Called Beyond

CALLED BEYOND is a parish based vocation awareness week
created by the Naitonal Office for Vocation.

Called Beyond Parish Vocations Week

What does Called Beyond offer a parish?

Called Beyond is a parish vocations week. It enables a parish to begin developing a culture of vocation over the long term.

How does a parish go about this?

This is a parish week, not a national week. So the Parish Priest and one or two parishioners decide they want to explore this and meet their Vocations Director to discuss it. If they agree to go ahead, then a parish team is set up to plan the week with the resources provided on this site.

What does Called Beyond look like in practice?

Planning begins several months before the week starts. The week begins on Sunday with a specially planned Mass at which parishioners are asked to express their Christian vocation by going ‘beyond the call of duty’ in their daily lives this week. Each day there is a different public event held outside parish premises. The second Sunday concludes the week at which the team describe the vital work of continuing to develop the culture of vocation in the parish.

What sorts of events take place?

Coffee with Father in a coffee shop when a priest describes his vocation. At Home with a married couple describing their vocation. An Evening with the Sisters when a local community invite people to meet them. Signposts to help young people make good life choices. Inspirations as people describe those following different vocations to their own.

Why should a parish do this?

By celebrating the many vocations through which people live as disciples of Christ, more people may come to hear Christ calling them to a specific vocation. Called Beyond enables a parish to grow into a community that not only strengthens everybody in their vocation but also accompanies those questioning their future, especially the young and those in distress. To develop such a culture of vocation is a service to the church and to the local community.

Click below to watch the explanitory video:


If your parish is ready to run a CalledBeyond parish vocation week, you can download the free manual here:

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