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Baptised & Called

We are all called, we all have a vocation.

Do not be afraid to become fully alive, fully yourself,

the National Office for Vocation is here to support you,

and help you discover your true self in Christ.


​The importance of vocation is often underestimated in our society today, especially in our culture of
self-determination and choice. For a Christian, however, God initiates the relationship. Before anything else, the invitation of God to be in relationship with him takes first place. Then, from that filial relationship in Jesus Christ, we are sent. These are two essential characteristics of who we are.

Our VOCATION or CALLING is an invitation from God that begins from our Baptismal Vocation.

When we are baptised, we become sons and daughters of God, and as family, we share in the vocation of Jesus... to make God known and loved in this world, and to build up God's Kingdom
here on earth.

As we grow in our vocation, we are called to live out our vocation in different ways:

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Innvocation & Adoremus

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