The team at the National Office for Vocation would like to wish you all a happy and holy Christmas.

The Universal Church will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family on Friday 27th December this year. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the gift of family life, and of the vocation to marriage and family.

Many people are called to the vocation of marriage – to give themselves wholly to another, to love, cherish, bring life to another person; this is a mission modelled on Divine Trinity. When this love between a man and woman comes to maturity, it brings life to the Kingdom of God. It can mean the vocation to family life by nurturing children and giving life to them, or for those who do not have children or cannot have children, the life-giving mission of the couple is to go out beyond themselves to bring new life to the people of God. No matter what the Lord calls us to, it will always be a challenge to give of oneself to bring new life to the world.

This year, we have led up to Christmas and the Feast of The Holy Family with our Advent Vocations series. This completes with Nick and Fiona Whitehead, who reflect on the vocation of marriage and family life. This can be found on our YouTube Channel and the link below. There are a number of other resources available for the Feast Day, including a Pastoral Letter from Bishop David Oakley (lead Bishop for Family and Married Life), children’s liturgy activity sheets and some prayers for the Feast Day.

Please remember to pray for all married couples and for families this day, and especially pray that more people will have the courage to respond to God’s invitation to bring life to the world through the vocation of marriage.

For those of you who have children, please teach them that marriage is a gift from God, a precious vocation from God who wants us to be happy.

Pastoral Letter from Bishop David Oakley [pdf]


Bidding prayers for the Feast of the Holy Family [doc]

Children’s Liturgy Activities [jpeg]

Feast of the Holy Family poster [jpeg]

The Vocation to Marriage bookmark 1 [jpeg]

The Vocation to Marriage bookmark 2 [jpeg]


Advent Week 5:
Nick and Fiona Whitehead – The Feast of The Holy Family, Married Life

Nick and Fiona reflect on the Feast of The Holy Family and the vocation to married life.

“Marriage is a gift from God; our vocation is a gift from God.”