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Day 97 – 7th April: St John Ogilvie (1579-1615)

St John Ogilvie was born on the 4th July 1579 in Keith on the north coast of Scotland, he was born into a fairly wealth Scottish family. He was educated in Europe and became a Catholic around the age of 13, before joining the Priesthood. He was ordained a Priest in the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit order. In 1614 Ogilvie returned to Scotland under the guise of John Watson (a horse trader) at this time Catholicism and it’s teachings were considered as treason by English and Scottish authorities alike. In the hustle and bustle of Glasgow Fr Ogilvie delivered the Sacraments in secret, however he was betrayed and was held captive, becoming a victim of many means of torment while awaiting trial. In March 1615 Ogilvie was found guilty of treason and was hanged on 10th March 1615 at Glasgow Cross. His last act was to throw his rosary beads into the onlooking crowd. John Ogilvie was beatified in 1929 and it was in the community of his name sake Parish in Easterhouse, Glasgow that the path to sainthood began. John Fagan, of the Blessed John Ogilvie Parish, was diagnosed with cancer and with his health deteriorating his faith grew stronger and he was cured of his illness. There was no natural explanation for this miraculous occurrence, other than the intercession of John Ogilvie. In 1976 Pope Paul VI celebrated the canonisation of Saint John Ogilvie. The Motto ‘Fidelis ad Finem’ which means ‘Faithful till the end’ is used at St John Ogilvie’s motto and is also the motto of the St John Ogilvie High School in Lanarkshire. The motto is a testament to St John Ogilvie’s faith and determination until his last breath.

St John Ogilvie,

You held your devotion to Christ until your dying breath and throughout all adversity.

By the grace of God may I have the strength and courage to have a loving heart in the midst of life’s trials.

May I be like you and stay faithful until the end and with love of God and grace of Jesus Christ I can combat anything that life throws at me.

We say this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.


St John Ogilvie Pray for Us.

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