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Day 41 – 10th February: St Scholastica

Saint Scholastica was born in 480 in Italy. She was known to be the founder of the Benedictine nuns; her brother was St Benedict. She dedicated her life to God and had frequent discussions with her brother. She died in 543. St Scholastica's feast day is on 10 February, and this stained-glass detail is in Downside Abbey church.

Prayer: St Scholastica

Almighty God,

as we reflect on St Scholastica

we give thanks for her influence on

Religious Life throughout the world.

We continue to pray for an increase

in vocations to the Religious Life and

ask for the intercession of St Scholastica,

for those discerning this state of life.

We make this prayer through Christ, Your Son, Our Lord.


St Scholastica. Pray for us.

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