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Christmas Newsletter

Welcome to our Advent Newsletter. In this edition we will reflect on the many events that the took place at COP26 in Glasgow and as we begin Advent, we are proud to launch our 'Keeping Christ in Christmas' Advent Video Calendar. Advent is a time forpreparation of the coming of Jesus at Christmas, God becoming one of us. As we start the new Church's year it is important forus to get ready and look at our own lives as we journey to the stable and beyond. What is God calling us to next? What can we say yes to, just like Mary did at the Annunciation? As we go through these weeks, how can we follow God more closely anddeepen our relationship with Him?
In this beautiful season within the Church's year, we continue to pray for vocations and tohave the courage to follow Him as we journey through 2022.

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Vocation Music Award

Join us in our Pentecost Novena! Thursday 13th May is the Solemnity of the Ascension, where Jesus ascended from earth to be with the Father in Heaven. This begins a traditional 9 days of prayer (Novena) on the lead up to Pentecost Sunday and the coming of the Holy Spirit. We will pray a Novena everyday on the lead up to Pentecost Sunday and we hope you will join us also. We will upload a prayer each day on Facebook and Instagram asking the Holy Spirit to intercede for our intentions.

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Friday 5th -  2021: COP 26

Do you have, or do you know of a group of young adults who are going to COP 26  in Glasgow? Do let us know!

The National Office for Vocations unerstands that caring for our common home is important- to many young people, to Pope Francis and to the Church. God has entrusted us with the stewardship of his planet, his gift to us, to support and sustain us, to enjoy and to

We are collaborating with Vocations Network Scotland and Vocations Ireland to promote a faith based response to care of our common home. If you would like to know more about what's happening in COP 26 for Catholics contact us: